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PandaMania LITE

PandaMania Lite has been released. Now you can check out PandaMania for FREE!


PandaMania v1.2 is Live

Free update v1.2 of PandaMania is now live on the App Store. This version adds:

  • OpenFeint! You can access the OpenFeint dashboard from Main Menu, Map Screen, and Pause Screen. (OF version 2.4.5)
  • Leaderboards can be accessed directly from Level Complete score page and from map screen score popup. Achievements are coming soon!
  • Few important bug fixes


    PandaMania Spring Sale!

    PandaMania is on sale for $0.99 til the 31st — Get it while it’s hot! OpenFeint leaderboards will be in the next free update already submitted to Apple!


    PandaMania Featured by Apple!

    Apple has chosen to feature PandaMania! You can find it:

    On iTunes: App Store under Games -> “New and Noteworthy”
    On Phone/iPod: App Store under Featured -> “Hot New Games”!



    PandaMania is OUT!

    FizzPow Games Announces PandaMania: Legend of the Fu Manchu Available Now for Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch!

    Colorado Springs, Colorado – March 17, 2010 – FizzPow Games, an independent development studio creating innovative games for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch, invites you into a world of archery and evil bandits with its latest app, PandaMania: Legend of the Fu Manchu. Breathing new life into the old fashioned castle defense games, PandaMania puts the power of the new genre “bow defense” in the palm of your hands! With original arcade action, PandaMania appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers alike and is guaranteed to have you hooked from the start.

    “PandaMania offers endless amounts of gameplay elements sure to keep you playing for hours,” said Michael Stockwell, founder of FizzPow Games. “From upgrades to enemies, power ups to combos, users are continually challenged to build their skill level while increasing their scores in order to dominate the land. So take aim, young bowmaster! Destroy the hordes of baddies to regain your honor and recover your Fu Manchu!”

    With your bow and arrow in tow, prepare to set out in search of the evil enemy who has stolen your most essential source of strength, your epic Fu Manchu mustache. Putting your superb archery skills to the test, you begin your journey across the world in the hopes to regain your power. Throughout the lands of PandaMania, you will be challenged by evil bosses while you fight to free all the villages taken captive by the hordes of bandits. Upgrade your arrows, shooting ability and tower, and with each level conquered you move one step closer to regaining your Fu Manchu and becoming the bravest warrior in all the land!

    PandaMania features include:

    – Intense arcade-style tower defense action with 50 challenging and unique levels
    – Progressive storyline filled with hilarious comic graphics
    – Levels span five diverse lands from rolling green mountains to towering volcanoes
    – Each land presents new and creative boss fights, challenging you to find the enemy’s weakness in order to achieve victory!
    – Numerous upgrades will keep you and your bow one step ahead of the advancing hordes

    PandaMania can be found on the iTunes App Store for a special introductory price of $1.99. Click here for a direct link. To learn more about the application, please visit http://www.facebook.com/PandaManiaGame. For more information about FizzPow Games, please visit http://www.fizzpow.com/.

    # # #

    About FizzPow Games:

    FizzPow Games, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was founded in the spring of 2009 by Michael Stockwell. The development and design teams focus primarily on creating new and innovative games for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod touch. FizzPow’s mission is to create great casual games for people of all ages and hopes to expand to other gaming systems in the near future.



    Will You Be Our Friend?

    With the launch of our spanking new site, we thought it would be nice to really get to know our fans – and what better way to do that than to jump onto the Facebook bandwagon. Our Facebook fans will get the opportunity to receive FREE copies of our games, maybe even become one of our beta testers! This is your chance to get the inside scoop, to check out what goes on behind the scenes. Ever wondered what kind of burrito we like? Now you can be the first to know!


    Stroll on over to our Twitter page too, for constant updates on the latest, and more importantly, the coolest. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you in the loop.

    A Long Time Coming

    What started as an idea has almost finally come to fruition. PandaMania has been a long time coming and we at FizzPow are doing our best to polish, tweak and make our pride and joy a blast.

    We’re just a few days from submission. It’s been a long bumpy road, this release is going to come at you like a bat out of hell, but it was no piece of cake. We went out on a li… ahem, I think you get the point. What I’m really getting at here: we want to thank everyone who’s been involved, and all of our friends and family for their continued support in this long arduous journey. It’s taken a bit longer than we had originally planned, but it’s been worth it.

    Also a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in our beta. Every bit of info you’ve given us, from suggestions and bug reports, to what you like about the game helps us out immensely.

    We’ve had a blast making this game, and we hope that you all have just as much fun (and much much more) playing it.

    Again, thank you all.

    PandaMania Wallpapers!

    If your friends weren’t jealous of your iPhone before, they will be now with one of these radical new PandaMania wallpapers made with love from us to you. Don’t worry, they look just as slick on an iPod Touch.

    No need to thank us, just right click, save link as, and enjoy!